Christopher FlynnChristopher Flynn (Ph.D. UCLA, 2002) specializes in British literature from 1660-1832, Irish Literature, and poetry.

His current research focuses on Daniel Defoe's work in the first decade of the 18th century. He is editor of an online edition of Defoe's Review, an important early periodical in the reign of Queen Anne. Professor Flynn's current book project, tentatively entitled Defoe in the Pillory: A Study in the Poetics of Punishment, is a study of Defoe's conviction for seditious libel in 1703. Examining the text that led to his time in the pillory, such as The Shortest Way With the Dissenters, and those that reflect on that experience, including Jure Divino, More Shortest Ways, "A Hymn to the Pillory," and later works such as Robinson Crusoe and Moll Flanders, the project looks at crime, punishment and poetics through modern theoretical discussions of all three, as well as contemporary texts and Defoe's textual traces of his experience.

Professor Flynn's work has also focused on transatlantic literary crossings, Irish literature and the cultural geography of the British Romantic period, as well as gender studies. His first book, Americans in British Literature, 1770-1832: A Breed Apart (Ashgate, 2008), looks at the development of a British idea about Americans from the period just before the American Revolution through the passage of the first Reform Bill.

Professor Flynn is also a practicing poet and essayist. His work has appeared in Argestes, Two Review, Fiere Lingua, identity theory and elsewhere.


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