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Strategic Management Course Objectives

The Strategic Management course is an integrative one designed to provide students the opportunity to develop skills in identifying, analyzing, and solving problems through a variety of assignments which represent the real business world. Problems to be examined will involve a wide range of substantive ones in business, where the student is expected to consider the external implications (such as new government controls) at the same time that decisions must be formulated. While doing this, students will gain experience and confidence that will prepare them for the business world. The perspective will be that of top management concerns of the total organization rather than any specific functional area. Topics of current interest will be examined regarding their impact on strategy formulation and execution. Accordingly, students are encouraged to consider these developments in their deliberations. Students will also be required to identify and evaluate ethical consequences of strategic decisions.

In addition to the lectures and case discussions, we will be using several articles from the business press to focus on topics of current interest. Throughout the course, a strategic outlook will predominate, but especially in the cases. Most of the problems raised in the cases are strategic in nature, rather than tactical.